Linda Pryor Jefferies
Monday, December 19, 2011
This web-site is fab.  Luv,luv it. Computer capable but often unable to navagate the net, I need someone to please tell me what to enter for a Google search. No http:www stuff please.Can't wait to see all you old rockers. Luv, MISS PRYOR 
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  carol koch grisham
Sunday, December 18, 2011
I am enjoying this beautifully done website so much.  Am married- 46 yrs.  Dan and I met in Kuchner's Biology- over a dead frog.  Our 13 yr. old grandson loves that story !  We have another grandson , his 7 yr old brother, who doesn't get the joke.  Their mom is our only child.
I was very saddened to read of all the classmates who have died- esp. my friends from Central School.
Not sure I will be able to make it "up North" to see all you "yankees"  :-)  We now live in Missississi- and absolutely love it !