Who Came to the 50th

It was resort weather in St. Louis this September. 170 OLD friends gathered at various venues for reminiscing and reacquainting.
We sent invitations to a few teachers and were able to visit with Tim Tomlinson, Henry Becker and Jim  and Helen Wagner.  Make sure you take a peek at the photos and upload or send in any you took.

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Mary Reeder (maxeiner)
Tom Maxeiner
Penny Prideaux (Meisel)
Stuart Mertz
Rich Miller
Sue Schiffer (Miller)
Larry Mische
Arthur Morgan
Cissy Morgan
Mary Tussey (Morrell)
Peter Morrissey
Julie Pelot (Moulthrop)
Ron Muchnick
Sherri Schoenfeld (Muchnick)
Suzy Harmon (Olsen)
Don Oxenhandler
Nina Lipsitz (Pitkin)
Roger Pitkin
Howard Price
Karl Reichardt
Paige Whitlock (Reichardt)
Jo Ann Mazzarella (Richards Wife)
Gail Ritter (Ritter)
Mary Jane Rosenfeld
Mickey Roth
Norman Roth
Alan Schaffer
Peggy Kopolow (Schaffer)
Amy Schaper
Don Schaper
Jinny Panton (Schmidt)
Barbara Goldman (Schneider)
Byron Schneider
Meg Rashbaum (Selig)
Francine Nathanson (Selsin)
Jerry Selsin
Carl Sherman
Helene Sherman
Jerome Silbergeld
Michelle DeKlyen (Silbergeld)
Bob Smith
Larry Smith
Bonnie Karl (Staffier)
John Staffier
Karen Gershman (stern)
Thomas Stern
Jon Stuebner
Susan Taussig
Ramona Taylor
Susan Thompson
Tom Thompson
Tim Tomlinson
Marsha Steinberg (Toyen)
Rick Tribble
Joe Tripodi
Linelle Funk (Valentine)
Helen Wagner
Jim Wagner
Bob Weinstein
Peggy Weinstein
Mary Wasserman (Weinstock)
Rich Weinstock
Anne Kelly (Wiley)
Barbara Winnerman
Jim Winnerman
Mike Wolf
Susie Asher (Wolf)
Linda Plattner (Yatkeman)
Total 170