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Charles Cook
retired Married 2
I retired 7 years ago after 36 years of work and 12 relocations.  Time is now spent on several volunteer activities, spoiling 6 grandkids, golf and competitive rowing.  I've also developed an aversion to cold weather and spend winters in Florida.  50 years???  Doesn't seem possible......... Send Charles a MessageSend Charles a Message
Diane Deutsch (Hoffman)
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Retired Widowed 2
Like you, I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends and perhaps make some new “old” friends. I have been living in Atlanta since 1980 – how time flies when you are having fun! 
In any case, after the death of my childhood sweetheart and husband, Millard, our families thought I should move back to St. Louis. Well I’m still here after 37+ years.  I have 2 daughters and now have 5 grandchildren who also live in the Atlanta area.
I retired in March of this year.  Love it!!  I don't know why it took me so long.  Still love to dance, boat, read, walk/hike/travel, learning to play pickleball and mah jongg, etc.  Got back from 30 days in Southeast Asia in July 2017.  Visited 8 countries and 11 citires, including going up to The Great Wall, Beijing.   Not much time to rest. 
See you in a month………

My email address was posted incorrectly in our 50th Reunion Address Book.  It is  Hopefully it's been corrected in this year's book.  Don't hesitate to look me up if your down my way.
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Shirley Dunbar (Kaczmarski)
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September 28, 1944 Retired School Administrator Widowed
Retired from public school administration and currently engaged in consulting, writing, and real estate investment. First novel is about to be published (after 8 years of effort!),  and am  building a home in Belize - a paradise for my old bones in the winter.  Proud parent of two and grandmother of 5! Send Shirley a MessageSend Shirley a Message
Michael Dwyer
 In retirement I continue to work on the long-running book- writing project that has kept me busy for many years.  Current status: 1800 pp. of manuscript divided into 9 volumes, mostly fiction rooted in St. Louis (and even to some extent Ladue).  Title: "St. Louis Labrythinth".  Completion Date:  I wish I knew.  Meanwhile, it keeps me busy and entertained.  All the best to everyone on the occasion of our 50th. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Donald E. Euston
November 12, 1946 Wealth Management Advisor Married
After graduating from the University of Evansville, I served with in the 25th Infantry in Chu Chi Viet Nam. Returned to Sears in their management program for 5 years. Having come to my senses we moved to sunny south Florida and eventually joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor. I am still with them after 32 years and loving every minute of it. I have been married to my college sweetheart, Pam for 43 years. I am an avid saltwater angler. Pam and I love to travel. We are getting all the adventurous places off our bucket list while we are still young: China, Machu Piccu, Galapagos Islands, Viet Nam after 39 years, Cambodia, Nepal & Tibet including Mt Everest and more.
Looking forward to you at our 50th.
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Madeleine Felder (Kreysar)
 After living with my dad for 6 years back on Tamarack Drive, I sold the house in October & am now enjoying the homeless life, wandering from child to child & country to country.  I've traveled back & forth between Son 1 and Son 2, from Ft. Lauderdale to Redmond, WA.  In March I'll visit my Israeli sister for 3 months, then on to my daughter in Zurich (know any eligible bachelors there?) for a couple of weeks, & then a reunion my 3 kids planned for Italy, 4 grandchildren included.  I feel like such a reprobate, enjoying life so much!  The reunion will be my first trip back to St. Louis, & I'm looking forward to seeing it and all of my classmates! Send Madeleine a MessageSend Madeleine a Message
Don Froehlich
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March 29, 1944 Retired Divorced 1

I will be able to attend the Friday night event only, as my son's 47th birthday celebration is Saturday/Sunday at Lake of the Ozarks.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Linelle Funk (Valentine)
October 15, 1944 Sales Manager, FDA Colorants Single Again 3
I am grateful to be fully employed in the industry I have worked in since 1985, as I am putting my youngest son thru his bachelor's degree at SIU in Edwardsville. It is a treat to have my office in my home now. With my 7 year old granddaughter living with us also, we are a youthful household and that is keeping me young and on my toes. I want to thank everone on the committee for the wonderful job and hard work that goes into a weekend such as you have planned for us.  See you in September.
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Webb Garlinghouse
June 03, 1944 Married 2
It’s been fantastic!

How to condense 55 (mostly) wonderful years into a few words. Perhaps giving credit is a good beginning. The preparation I received at Ladue; the teachers who influenced me; the atmosphere that fostered creative learning and experimentation ... All these factors came to play over the past 55 years.

After college, like so many of us, I could find no way to avoid military service. Luckily, I was admitted into OCS with the Coast Guard. Upon commissioning, my first duty assignment was on the USCGC Westwind, an icebreaker. We made two deployments while I was aboard. The first to Antarctica south of New Zealand. I was awestruck by the Antarctic. Its desolation; forbidding cold; foreboding, absolutely stunning scenery. And the people serving in that seemingly desolate place were a warm contrast to the weather. While there, I had the incredible good fortune to ride on a dog sled with New Zealanders and go to the South Pole. Interesting ... but the best part was walking around the world twice. After the Antarctic, we went north to Thule, Greenland.

After the Westwind, I served as a Search & Rescue Coordinator in Juneau, Alaska for a year. I also met a young lady who interested me. As my contract was nearing completion, our President asked for reserve officers to help balance the budget by volunteering for a 6 month early termination. I admit ... I raised my hand.

While now free, the early-out hadn’t permitted any job searching. A quick assessment of my situation: my education was complete, my military obligation was complete, I was unmarried, I had no children that I knew of, I had saved some money and I really enjoyed traveling. I wanted to do more!

After some research, I chose Africa and spent several months lining up sponsors and researching an extensive trip to that continent. I found two others also interested. In November, 1970, we picked up our Land Rover at the factory just north of London. South through France and Spain to Gibralter. A short ferry ride and we were surrounded by the smells and sights of Morocco.

Two years and 22 countries in Africa give birth to many fascinating memories. Rain in the Sahara, Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lost in the Ruwenzori Mountains, Riding on top of a train in Sudan, An entire village in Northern Togo threw a party in our honor, Attacked by Fire Ants in Tanzania. Ask me about an absolutely amazing glider experience in Zambia or how I ended up in jail in South Africa.

Africa was amazing. The people were amazing. The experience was amazing. And the young woman I had met in Alaska (who visited me twice while I was traveling) was amazing.

Christmas, 1972 found me back at home with my parents ... wondering what had become of their son. Eventually, I settled in Topeka, Kansas “for a year ... two at the most.” And, that young woman from Alaska: she got an offer she couldn’t refuse; she moved to Kansas, also.

We raised two wonderful children, I ran a successful typesetting business, But, I’ve never really lost the wanderlust. In 1976, I organized and led a 7 week trip for some older Boy Scouts to float a portion of the Yukon River.

Summing up: I have traveled on all 7 continents; I have sailed on all the 7 seas; I have been from the South Pole to about 700 miles from the North Pole. I hitchhiked from New York to San Francisco in 70 hours and returned in 75 hours. I’m a Fellow in the Explorers Club of New York. The people I met along the way informed indelible memories of wonderful people all over the world.

So, what did Ladue have to do with this: There are always obstacles. With creativity and imagination, there are solutions. To be successful, we need to find the right solution to the current problem keeping in mind the ultimate objective. Does Luck play a roll? I believe ‘Luck’ is the wrong word for it. Luck, by itself is winning the lottery. The Luck that has been with me for a lifetime came because at Ladue I learned to be prepared to recognize Luck when it appeared.

I have fond memories of all my friends from Ladue. Hopefully, others have had an equally wonderful trip over the last 55 years. Please ... Share your experiences with me.
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Michael Gershman
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retired Committed Relationship 2
Living in Ca. for the past fifty years. Worked as a Cinematographer, and Director in Motion Picture and Television industry. Two daughters,three grandkids. In a long term comimitted relationship with Cecilia Dan.
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