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Tom Glassberg
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Attorney Committed Relationship 1
Living in Jackson Hole.  Pretty bummed I cannot make the reunion due to cycling event the same weekend in California. Meanwhile, if any LHS 62 alums get to Jackson, give me a call.

"Then" photo, September 1961; L to R: Hyland, Bottom, Koplar, Weinstein, Kolbrener, Glassberg, Gulick, Lazaroff, Levy. Apparently we were so good we only needed nine players on offense. (I think Francis and Sexton are missing from photo.)

"Now" photo, March 2012, heli-skiing in B.C., Canada.
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Sid Goldstein
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July 30, 1944 Consultant Married 2
 I retired from the St. Louis Art Museum in 2009 and have continued to consult with collectors, antiquities dealers and museums on things ancient. My specialty is Ancient and Islamic glass so I still look at interesting material  world-wide. My wife, Laura Kipnis was an attorney and retired in 2014. We have been fortunate to travel more together and I continue to travel for work.  
Recent projects included an exhibition, catalogue and symposium in 2013 on  Antiquities in the al-Sabah Collection in Kuwait. Also catalogued the Roman glass in 2015 at the Art Institute Collection, Chicago for their on-line catalouge of the Roman collection. Very cool platform that allows you to rotate sculpture and glass 360 degrees!
We have two children, a son in Seattle with two sons, 3 and 6 (in 2017) and a daughter in Grand Junction, Co. She just completed a cross country bike tour with 3 other co-guides, Portland, Ore. to Portland, Me. for 26 enthusiastic cyclists. I can think of many other things to do for 47 days.
Since retirement I have led several groups of friends around Turkey for a couple of weeks. I excavated there as a grad student in archaeology. Hope to return there anually until it is no longer fun: Turkey is an amazing country. 
Unfortunately, things there were no so wonderful in 2016 so I did not return and relations with the US at the moment seem to be on a downhill slide. A visit this year may not be possible either.
(rev 10/2017)

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Ellen Golman
Do everything you want to do and always enjoy.  It is never too late. Book education is on going. 
Bio- Ladue, U of Wisconsin, Madison (2 years) 
U of California Berkeley (BA), Berkeley Secondary Teaching Credential, teaching (Calif) 11 years,
St. Louis, substitute teaching.
Future plans: a business, a Masters Degree in English Literature in London, England
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Sharon Goodson (Harbison)
Housewife Married 1
Hope to move to Beaufort, SC soon to be
near Grandchildren. Two boys 8 1/2 and
7 years old.
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Michele (aka Chele) Green (Marmet)
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Lactation Consultant Married 3
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Gary Griffin
international Import/export Married
Married for 40 Years, no children, active members in Porsche & Mercedes clubs, vice chairman planning & Zoning for St. Charles county.  Enjoy living in wine country west of Bush Wildlife.  We sponsor part of the Katy Trail, enjoy biking , playing golf (usually more outside the USA)
Business- wholesaling containers of tires, import, export, and trade between most countries of the world. Have traveled extensively to most countries in the world.- business and pleasure as I only do business with friends, a luxury many do not have.  Since 911 travel is not as easy or fun as it used to be.  Looking forward to seeing people same age of course, but unlike college, all of us with basically same environment influences growing up.

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Dick Gulick
physician- retired Married 3
Nancy and I have been married 46 years- yikes time flies! We have 3 grown children( boy, girll, girl) and 1 grandaughter and a 2nd grandchild on the way.  Our son Chip and his wife live in San Francisco, our daughter McClain and her husband and 2 year old Grace live in Denver, and our daughter Whitney and her husband(& baby to be) live in St Louis.  We all love to travel and have been fortunate to do a lot of it separately and together.  Dick retired in Dec. so our suitcases and golf clubs are getting lots of use. Send Dick a MessageSend Dick a Message
Suzy Harmon (Olsen)
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September 09, 1943 Artist Divorced 2
 Hello Laduites:
    My life is basically centered in the art world. Did a year or more in Spain after I left Ladue, attended University of Madrid for foreign students. After attending college at University of Iowa for a year, spent three years in LA at UCLA, in 1967 moved to Florence, Italy where my dream was to be an artist and live my life there,  the rest is history, and now live in San. Antonio, TX and see my Florentine grandson, daughter  for visits, my son Erik, is just married and living near me.  My passion is Italian living, food and art.  Now its time to return to my roots to my schoolmates and my hometown. 
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Shirley Heiman
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February 04, 1945 retired Single

Retired executive after 35+ years in the travel industry.  Living in St. Louis, spending winters in Phoenix and traveling to new interesting places!  Enjoying hobbies, fitness training, and community volunteering.   Life is good. 
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Barry Hollander
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July 27, 1944 Retired Single
 Interests: The family, the law, business and business investments, engineering, amateur radio and world travel.

Oh, what a past half century it has been!!!  After college, law school and the military with assignments first in Louisiana and then Vietnam, it was back to St. Louis in 1971, and the pursuit of my career.  After having turned down two law firm offers, one in St. Louis and the other in Alexandria, Virginia, I decided to join my two brothers in the family business.  Over a period of time we expanded our operations to include 6 separate companies with business in five states.  In 1984 we sold the businesses, my brothers retired, and I was ready for something new and different.

After a few year as, believe it or not the Executive Director of the second largest Jewish synagogue in the city, I decided to move to South Florida.  It was there that I began investing in real estate and in the stock and bond markets aggressively.  This endeavor turned out quite well.

Then in 2009 after having endured 10 hurricanes over the years, I came to the conclusion that maybe snowflakes are not so bad after all, and moved back to good ‘ol St. Louis.  My roots are here, and it is good to be “home”.

I have done a lot of traveling, and since 2000 have visited 71 countries.  To see and experience other cultures is, as they say, priceless, not to mention meeting and keeping in touch with many wonderful people along the way.

So, all in all reflecting back, life has been good, including many fond memories of Ladue High School, and that has taught me that even though life can have its ups and downs, perseverance and hard work can pay off.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Always help others at every opportunity.  Remember those classmates that are no longer with us.  After all, life is life and you make of it what you want.  Happy 50th everyone!!! 


Barry M. Hollander

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