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Neil Kurlander
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Retired Married 2

After reading the many interesting entries of my former classmates I decided to add some more content to my profile for our "Memory Book."  I joined the Army Reserve while in my senior year of high school and went to active duty training right after graduation.  This was the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis and I thought I would be part of the invasion force but as we know that did not happen.  Although I was in the Army Reserves until 1970, I was not called back to active duty for the Vietnam War in which many of our classmates served. 

In 1965, I joined the St. Louis Police Dept.   Over the next 20 years I served in many capacities and experienced a completely different world than the one I knew.  In 1985, I became the first police chief for the new City of Maryland Heights and was able to create a police department from scratch which looking back was a great experience.  I did not truly appreciate the education I received at Ladue until attending college.  I earned my B.A. in Urban Affairs from SLU and my M.A. in Criminology from UMSL.

Being a early advocate for use of technology by public safety lead me to a second career in that field.  I held VP positions in two companies and chaired and served on local, state and national committees.  I finally retired in 2008.  It is difficult to compress into such a small space a lifetime.  I have arrested murders, rapist and every type of crook and pervert imaginable.  I have meet and guarded Presidents, lobbied Congress, taught college classes and was instrumental in the development of national data sharing technology.  I have been the president of a Rotary Club and a homeowner’s association and now have time to enjoy each day with Jan, my wife of 37 years.  We have two daughters and four grandchildren.  In 2005, we moved to the Sarasota, Florida area and are enjoying our wonderful life in paradise!

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Neil Lazaroff
Married 3
• Happily married for 42 years to Pam
• We have 3 great sons
• 5 terrific grandchildren
• Life's lesson: "patience"
• "Clean The Uniform Company" has been in business for 74 years.  I have had the pleasure of working with my father, brother, nephew and 2 sons during my career
• Pam and I love our time in Colorado and traveling
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Stuart Levin
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August 19, 1944 Pharmaceutical research & development Married 2
That's me in April 2012 with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop.   My wife (of 45 years) Sue and I have lived in the Chicago area almost all of that time.  I started graduate school at the University of Chicago in 1968 to study pathology just after graduating from veterinary school at Mizzou.  I have been in R & D in the pharmaceutical industry most of my career.  We have traveled extensively and have visited all continents except Australia.  Looking forward to completing the bucket list.   See you in September. Send Stuart a MessageSend Stuart a Message
Bonnie Levy (Cunningham)
February 26, 1944 Retired teacher Married 2
My husband, Tom and I have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  We have a family band and get to see them weekly.  We still like traveling; lately seeing National Parks. 

I wish we could attend the 55th reunion but had another trip planned at the same time. 

I hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying life.
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Larry Levy
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February 02, 1944 restaurateur Married 4
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Nina Lipsitz (Pitkin)
retired Married 2
It is amazing to think it has been 50 years since we graduated from Ladue HS.  Roger and I married in 1966 where we both went to Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Following his graduation from Columbia Law School in New York City, he joined the Navy JAG Corps.  That kept us in New York City for three years, then took us to Newport, RI, Naples, Italy, Charlottesville, VA, back to Newport, RI and finally to Springfield, VA where we have lived since 1978.  Once here, I started my full-time career as an educator with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a sppech and language therapist for six years.  I went back to school for a Masters degree in School Counseling during that time.  I spent the rest of my 29 years with FCPS as a counselor at all levels, then as an administrator.  I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of this excellent school system and to obtain positions that continually challenged me.

We are both now retired and enjoying living near our two children, four grandchildren, traveling, and generally doing whatever we want to do.

It will be wonderful to recconnect with all of you. Thanks to the reunion planners for their excellent hard work in making this a memorable event.

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Judy Luedloff (Griffith)
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June 14, 1944 Married 3
‚ÄčLife is good. God has blessed me with an awesome family and wonderful friends. My husband and I enjoy time with our kids and grandkids. Vacations on beaches and in the mountains, growing native and tropical plants, spotting migratory birds that pass through Missouri by way of the Mississippi Flyway each spring and fall, all these are part of our life.
‚ÄčEach stage of life has challenges and rewards. And look, here we all are at age 73 and still celebrating!
I wish each of you blessings in the years yet to come. 
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Tom Maxeiner
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Profile picture
retired Northrup Grumman Married 4
We've been back home now for 6 years. Really interested to see people I haven't seen for a long time.
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John Meisel
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Retired Gastroenterologist Married 4
It's been a long time!  Penny and I suddenly had four sons, so we settled down near Seattle, after living in New Haven, Philadelphia, Durham, and London. I worked at a community hospital as an internist/gastroenterologist and taught at the University of Washington.  Penny's nursing career morphed into working with pre-marriage couples and young moms at our large Presbyterian church.  After 30 years and too many colonoscopies, I retired and volunteered at in the global missions department of our church, working mostly in Cambodia and Rwanda. Alittle different than Ladue! The church just hired someone to replace me, so I am currently enjoying friends and family and facilitating a men's book club, which allows me to read with some really bright guys. Three of our sons work in the computer industry, and a fourth is a teacher in Sweden....they have collectively produced 8 grandchildern and have wonderful's fun to see the world again through young eyes!  I look forward to seeing all of you again.   8/2/17: Reading this again, I find this distressingly similar. On a positive note, we have 10 grandchildren now, with 2 more on the way, and yes, our daughters in law produced them, not our sons. I am even more appreciative of the amazing classmates we all had at Ladue, as well as some terrific teachers.  I still appreciate Mr Tomlinson's study of Greek and Latin roots, incredibly important academically and in trying to find a bathroom in Greece. Seattle has been a lovely place to live, but I miss the fluffy stratocumulus clouds and sunshine in St. Louis, but only in the spring and fall.  
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Arlene Melman (Fox)
Patient Access Representative Married 3
Finally made the decision to be with you Saturday night and really looking forward to it.  WOW! 50 years!
We have been married almost 48 years. My favorite job was being a mom to our 3 kids and a professional volunteer.  Later I joined my husband and two sons in our kitchen & bath remodeling business.  Five years ago we closed that and within the year I went to work at Missouri Baptist Medical Center calling patients coming in for tests or surgery.  I have talked to a few classmates so if you get a call for Arlene at MoBapt it's me and besure to say HI!
My husband was diagnosed as one of "Jerry's Kids" some 30 years ago.  He is now in a wheel- chair and volunteers at MoBapt 4 days a week.  We are awaiting the birth of our 9th grandchild in November.
So if you don't remember me look for the 60 something year old with the guy in the wheelchair.

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