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Larry Mische, Larry A. (Mische)
July 20, 1943 Retired Married
Ron Muchnick
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Rina Muller (Kenkel)
November 14, 1943 Retired Married 2
  •  My history is long, but mostly I worked for Venture Stores as an administrative assistant for the Womens Buyers, soon to become a buyer myself, but tey shutdown before that happened.
  • After that I worked for several other companies closed and then worked for World Omni for 6 years,and Retired in 2006.
  Before and after Retirement I kept busy Volunteering at the childrens schools.  I was also one of the founding members of our Synogogue out here in St Peters, Mo.  I directed Sunday School and taught Hebrew school for several years and on the Board for many years.  For fun Paul and have been on a Royal Carribean Cruise, Branson,  Tunica,Ms, Calif. visiting family and friends, and Colorado.
We love going out with friends and family here as much as we can.
So sorry this is so long, but 55 years is long.  Our last Reunion was the 15th that myself, Letha Speed, and Millie Gluskoter who are both with G-d., helped plan.
   A few additional thoughts: "Rules to live by"
Life isn't tied with a bow, but it is still a gift.   Believe in Miracles, for you are one.  Time heals almost everything, give time, time..

L'Chaim (to life)

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Francine Nathanson (Seslen)
 I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. degree in Education and taught for St. Louis County Special School District for 7 years.  I did graduate work at Boston University and completed a Masters' Degree at UMSL.  I also supervised student teachers for a short time.
I have been married to Jerry Seslen (Clayton H.S.) a CPA for nearly 40 years.  We have one married daughter (Ph.D. in Economics from MIT), a college professor who just moved with her family from Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington.  We also have 2 grandaughters.  One is 4 years old and the newest is nearly 2 weeks old.
We've always lived in St. Louis.  I'm a homemaker/volunteer and enjoy travel, reading, and gardening.
Jeanne Odell (Abbott)
journalist/professor 1
I teach journalism at Mizzou, live on a farm south of Columbia and am really looking forward to seeing everyone.
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Elizabeth Pillsbury (Hoffman)
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 I am still in St.Louis but my husband and I spend a god part of the winter in Venice,Fl. We have started working our way through our "bucket list". Our first venture, a trip to Costa Rica which included zip-lining and canyoning, was great fun. When I am home, I am involved in teaching in an ESL program, quilting, gardening, and boating on the Mississippi. Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
Pamela Potashnick (Frank)
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Retired 2
 I love playing with my grandson, Max.  He is 4 years old and loves playing with dinosaurs.  My passion is traveling.  Over the past several years I have been to Europe and South America.  I love cruises also.
I have two daughters who are married and live in St. Louis.  I am very close with both daughters.  I have a father who is 98 (soon to be 99) who I help take care of.
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Howard Price
 After graduating from Mizzou, I designed a unique commercial lawn mower.  I started a manufacturing plant for commercial turf equipment in 1973, which I own and operate today.  Our equipment is used by golf courses, school districts, parks department and municipalities, and is sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and I even managed to get a little of the Japanese money.  Who would ever imagine a lawn mower selling for $90,000 with cruise control, tilt steering and air conditioning?  I have always enjoyed building equipment and I certainly enjoy my chosen career.  


My factory went 8 ft under water in the flood 0f ’93’.  it shut the plant down for four months.  I never dreamed dirty water could cause such damage.


We developed a unique six wheel utility vehicle and had four patents on it.  Along came the large companies and dangled large sums of money to sell.  I took their bait and ran with a large smile on my face.


My daughter Betsy graduated from Mizzou Vet school and is practicing in St. Louis.  Vet school puts its students through a terribly hard curriculum.


My wife Peggy of 37 years, developed brain cancer and died of heart failure while taking a second large dose of chemo.  We had a very good marriage and I take my hat off to her for putting up with me for all those years.


Spouse: Peggy- Deceased (4/03)
Children: Elizabeth (33)

I have a farm an hour north of St. Louis and raise Black angus cattle.  I enjoy doing the farm work without the “people pressure” of the city.  I enjoy riding my motorcycle through the scenic countryside near the farm.


i have certainly enjoyed the past 50 years and hope to see you all on the 60th.

Linda Pryor (Hansen)
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poet/retired Married 4
I just remarried for the 4th time. Can anyone beat that?  Blaine Hansen was my neighbor. Now we'll be UT snowbirds with a condo in San Diego. On June 21, 2012 we'll be off for two weeks in Hawaii. I have 17 amazing grand kids. I've lived in CO, CA, MA, CA again, CO again, UT, CA again, CO again, UT again, NJ, KY, CA again, and finally UT again. I've been in hospital administration, paralegawork. Taught yoga and weaving. Best was being the mom for 2 amazing sons and 2 delightful daughters. My new husband is a really good guy with 1 son, 1 daughter and 6 grandsons. He married me for my granddaughters. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Meg Rashbaum (Selig)
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Counselor/writer Committed Relationship 1
Enjoying retirement as a free-lance writer, blogger (for, and traveler.  Daughter Beth is a marine biologist. In 2015 my granddaughter Eloise Nora was born! And in 2016 Beth and family moved to Oslo (my SIL is Norwegian).  I now visit Oslo several times a year.  I'm becoming more "Oslonian" with every visit.  

I've been in a committed relationship with Brian Carr for 20 years. We are St. Louis boosters, often spending the weekends exploring unfamiliar areas of St. Louis or returning to the old favorite ones.  

So looking forward to seeing everyone!
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