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Paige Whitlock (Reichardt)
August 10, 1944 Retired Married 5

I have been happily married to Karl for 46 years. We have 5 daughters, the youngest adopted from Korea, and 9 grandchildren. Jenifer is an elementary teacher, Karen is a speech pathologist, Valerie owns a scrapbook retreat business, Rebecca is a CPA, and Sarah is a phlebotomist. We have lived in Valparaiso, IN (45 minutes East of Chicago and 10 minutes from Lake Michigan and the Dunes) for the past 24 years. Karl and I both worked at Valparaiso University before our retirement. Karl served as Associate Dean of the College of Business and I served as Administrator for the Dean of the Law School. Since I have not been back in many years, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Jim Winnerman
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Retired Married 2

After high school I graduated Missoui and then went to St. Louis U for an MBA.

From 1968 until 1971 I was an officer in the US Army.

I retired in 2000 after spending 30 years in marketing positions at Maritz in St. Louis. The last 17 years have been spent traveling and turning a hobby of writing articles on travel, art and architecture into an unplanned second career.  A third unplanned career has been drawing and turning my art into note cards. Check out:

My wife of 49 years (Barbara Silverman, Ladue '64) has ben a professional calligrapher for 40 years.
Our  son lives in Denver (three grandchildern..2 girls and a boy,) our daughter in Boston (two grandsons.)

For the last 17 years we have spent the three winter months hiking in Sedona, AZ where it took four years to carve my likeness in stone.  The small bush on top that might be hair is wishful thinking!
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Mike Wolf
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February 29, 1944 retired Married 2

How can it be a half century since we graduated!  The mirror tells me it’s so, but my psyche says “no way”.  I think that this has been one of the best decades of my life.  I’ll catch you up.

I retired as the financial officer of a toy company ten years ago.   Susie and I bought a villa in Naples, Florida and started spending winters there.  Three years later, our younger daughter Kim moved with her family to Naples.  We sold our home in St. Louis and have been here full time for seven years in the house we built.  Wow, what luck to have two of our grandchildren living ten minutes from us.  They sleep over every week (they are 9 and 11) and we have a ball together.  Our older daughter, Stacy, lives in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, California.  She and her husband have four children ranging from 17 to 7.

Susie and I have always enjoyed traveling and last year we fell in love with India.   About a month ago we returned from the trip of our lifetime; we took all our children and grandchildren on a Mediterranean Cruise.  Seeing many of the world’s most famous sites with the people you love the most was truly magic.

 I keep busy playing golf several days a week.   If I’m not on the golf course, I am at my computer and occasionally help people with tax returns.  We enjoy foreign affairs lectures and I am fast becoming a political junkie.

Here’s to another healthy and happy decade for everyone.

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Doris Zorensky (Cheng)
June 21, 1944 211 Infoline Specialist and Benefits Counselor Married 1
    I have been married 40 years. Peter (a retired architect) and I lived in Philadelphia 13 years and have been in Dallas 32 years, still adjusting to the heat. 
    We have one son Shan who is living in Indianapolis with wife Alison and our three grandchildren, Abby, Alex and Caroline.  Both Shan and Alison are doctors who met in St. Louis at Washington University Med. School.     I started out doing landscape architecture in Philadelphia and in recent years have been a 211 Texas Infoline specialist and a benefits counselor with the Dalls Area Agency on Aging.  Outside of the U.S., we have traveled mainly to Asia to see family.  
    Life has taught me that I always need to be open to change, especially getting older.
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